CBD oil for dogs

The mammalian body itself makes cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids, that form from body fat cells. If the endocannabinoid system of the body is disturbed, this not only affects the general well-being but can also cause a whole series of other complaints. These include sleep disorders, nervous restlessness, or a weakened immune system. Similarly, a body with a disturbed endocannabinoid system may be less responsive to inflammation and associated pain.

If a disturbance of the cannabinoid system occurs, in which the production of endocannabinoids is disturbed, it is possible to compensate for the deficiency by supplying external cannabinoids.

CBD, extracted from the hemp plant, can fulfill this requirement.

Through ingestion via food, it enters the bloodstream via the gastric mucosa and interacts with the responsible receptors in the body. The best-known receptors are the CB1 receptors, which are mainly located in the brain and the nerve cells and are thus accountable for memory and mood. CB2 receptors are primarily found in the gastrointestinal tract, regulate digestion, and are jointly responsible for an intact immune system. When CB1 receptors are more responsive to THC, CB2 receptors interact with CBD. For this reason, one can counteract the oral intake of a disharmony of the digestive tract, as well as inflammation or a weakened immune system.

A dosage form is especially oil, which obtained in a CO2 extraction. In this case, the active ingredients are dissolved from the hemp by the flowers and leaves of the female hemp by high pressure and supercritical carbon monoxide. By lowering the strength, the CO2 releases the recovered substances, preserving the ingredients of the plant. Heating the elements creates active CBD. This process is called decarboxylation. Then oil is added to the CBD (mostly hemp oil used, but other oils are also suitable). The omega fatty acids contained here additionally have a positive effect on the organism.

How does CBD affect the pet, and in which complaints can it be used?

The medicinal power of the hemp plant has long been used in humans and continues to be researched. But also in veterinary medicine, the active ingredient, thanks to its diverse applications, on the rise.


Due to the new pet feeding, in which the feed is distributed to a few portions a day, it comes increasingly to heartburn. Often, too little high-quality roughage is available. The stomach of the pet set for permanent evolution. Due to growth, as up to 16 hours in the wild, spent with food intake. In the worst case, the usual feeding of the domesticated pet leads to gastritis or colic, which not infrequently result in death or costly surgery.

Stress – calm the pet

Just like humans, pets suffer more and more from fear and the associated side effects. In addition to general malaise, which can be associated with problems in handling or riding, among other things, more serious behavioral problems are detected more often. For example, headshaking syndrome represents a significant disturbance in the journey. The pet consistently beats with the head, and a delightful ride or concentrated work is almost impossible. Where the syndrome comes from is not yet fully understood. Among other things, hypersensitivity to glaring light, over-irritation of the nerves, inflammatory complaints in the head area, or even chronic pain in suspected head shaking triggers. In this case, the administration of CBD oil can provide relief. It is also used to improve the general condition of chronic pain. Other bad habits are often triggered by stress, which can have very different causes (posture, lack of exercise, food addiction, etc.).


Allergies can have severe consequences for the pet. In addition to eye diseases, asthma, cough, and other bronchial diseases, the sinuses are also frequently affected. CBD oil reduces the intraocular pressure and helps with allergies and relieves the different symptoms. Besides, CBD can be used preventively against respiratory diseases.

Wound healing

Injuries and wounds can be treated with CBD and heal faster. Regular dabbing of the affected area stimulates cell regeneration and new tissue forms more quickly. It shortens the rehabilitation time.

Cushing’s syndrome

Especially old pets or those suffering from the so-called Cushing syndrome benefit from the effect of CBD oil. It supports the function of the skin and thus helps to change the coat. Of course, every pet benefits from this. CBD also makes an active contribution to hoof health.


Skin diseases and eczema also respond well to the administration of CBD.

Immune system

Diverse influences affect the pet’s immune system. Not all can be turned off, and so domesticated pets rely on help “from outside.” CBD strengthens the immune system and can prevent many diseases or relieve their symptoms. An intact immune system is not least responsible for the well-being of the pet.

Stimulate appetite

Heavy pets or those who have to gain weight due to illness or similar weight can also benefit from the administration of CBD, as Cannabidiol stimulates appetite and supports the digestion and utilization of nutrients.


The dosage of the drug depends primarily on the mode of use and the symptoms to treat.

The treatment is started at a low dose when given orally. After some time, one can observe the effect of the CBD on the pet. The dose slowly increased until the desired result has occurred. Ideally, drip the oil with the pipette directly under the tongue of the pet. Here, the active ingredient is absorbed very quickly and efficiently via the oral mucosa. If this is not possible, the oil can also be mixed with the feed.

The amount of oil for external use depends on the size of the site to treat. For prevention, CBD should always give in a low dose. Although CBD does not make you addicted or “high,” such as the related THC, CBD oil can also rarely cause side effects in the form of fatigue or skin reactions. Of course, you should pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer of the various products and in case of doubt, talk to the veterinarian. Leisure pets and especially older pets often suffer from arthrosis. The body cells, well.

What exactly is CBD for pets?

It is important to emphasize that products containing CBD for pets either contain no THC at all or only small amounts that are legal and have no psychoactive effect (at least the legally sold products containing CBD for pets).

CBD for pets may be present in pure form as CBD for pets oil or as a full spectrum extract derived from hemp varieties with a naturally low THC content. The latter then contains a small amount of THC (which is legal and not psychoactive). Different extracts may lead to different results for various fields of application.

CBD for pets is not soluble in water under normal circumstances and should, therefore, be taken with fat when taken orally. Alternatively, there are some preparations in circulation that offer CBD for pets in a water-soluble form that can take on an empty stomach without fat. If you do not want to worry about something like this, you can opt to use an alternative type of revenue, for example, in the form of a CBD for pets lotion.

CBD oil benefits for dogs – all the benefits are presented below!

In addition, high-quality dietary supplements are offered in the form of capsules, as powders, as tablets, as serum and for external use as creams.

The enormous advantages of CBD oil for a pet’s health condition are a solid defense, and a reasonable vitality concern primarily the prophylaxis. The effective prevention of CBD oil for pets against diseases and premature aging manifests itself, for example, in a demonstrable reduction in the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Immune system strengthening and the positive influence of CBD oil for pets on the regeneration and renewal of body cells are ideal for warding off germs.

  • CBD oil for pets is useful against
  • skin damage from UV light (sunburn)
  • damage to the lungs due to smoking
  • diabetes (diabetes)
  • pathological fluctuations in blood pressure
  • early aging of the skin and skin diseases
  • cataract, macular degeneration
  • arteriosclerosis
  • infertility
  • disorders of bone health
  • rheumatism
  • thrombosis
  • arthritis

Interestingly, in this context, scientists have now discovered the inhibition of specific coagulation pathways by CBD oil for pets. These processes are responsible for the aggregation of platelets (platelets).CBD oil for pets could thus become the blood thinner of the future on a purely fundamental basis.

Care should be taken when taking CBD oil for pets. Overdose may inhibit the effects of some drugs.

In addition, high-quality dietary supplements are offered in the form of capsules, as powders, as tablets, as serum and for external use as creams.

CBD oil for dogs with anxiety

All areas of the musculoskeletal system may be affected by chronic pain. Not only competition pets but also responsible for the perception of pain in the body, have a high density of cannabinoid receptors. Here, the cannabidiol docks and relieves the chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis. Even in inflammatory arthritis, orally-administered, Cannabidiol proves to be an ideal substance for combating inflammation. By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, Cannabidiol in the form of CBD drops has a generally positive effect on the skeleton and musculoskeletal system.

CBD oil for dogs with arthritis

It has been proven in some scientific studies of people suffering from anxiety. The reduction of concern, such as social phobias, is another widespread use. The effect seems to be suitable for mild to mild stress. Many users combine CBD for pets with other natural remedies that reduce anxiety. CBD for pets is, therefore, also a useful alternative to often nefarious drugs.

CBD for dogs with seizures

It has to be said that some of these uses have been extensively scientifically tested only in animal models (and results from animal studies are not 1-to-1 applicable to humans). Numerous positive experience reports of CBD for pet users on the Internet, however, indicate the effectiveness of CBD for pets. The nearly 190 scientific studies currently being conducted should provide further insights into the efficacy of CBD for pets.

CBD oil for dogs with cancer

Insubstantial doses, fatigue, reduced appetite, and, in extreme cases, diarrhea may occur. For this reason, CBD for pets is an extremely safe alternative to medicines used for the treatment, the other uses mentioned above (sleeping pills, medication for anxiety, depression, and pain).

Does CBD oil work for dogs? How does it happen?

CBD for pets is generally considered extremely safe and has few adverse side effects. For this reason, we recommend that you orient yourself to the lowest dose recommended by the manufacturer of your CBD oil for pets and, if necessary, slowly increase the dose until you find the ideal treatment for you.

Since the duration of action of CBD for pets is limited, it is advisable to divide the daily dose into two to three applications per day. For most users, this is the ideal way to use it. Of course, if you are using CBD for pets to treat anxiety or to improve your sleep, then an application will be enough if needed.

CBD for pets CBD oil for pets compared to alternative forms of CBD for pets. CBD for pets is also offered in several other types, which often have specific intentional or unwanted properties. In the following, we briefly review the most frequently used dosage forms of CBD for pets and give the advantages and disadvantages of the individual options:

Hemp oil vs. CBD oil for dogs – how can it help?

CBD for pets Oil benefits: One of the most natural forms of CBD for pets. It can be integrated into the diet. Disadvantages: Must be taken with fat. Relatively impractical (especially if several doses per day are desired). By oral intake, it takes a long time until an effect occurs. Reduced uptake of CBD for pets as CBD for pets decreases during the digestive process and later through the so-called first-pass effect. 

 Depending on whether the contents of the capsules are CBD for pets oil or a water-soluble CBD for pets solution, the corresponding advantages and disadvantages occur. Besides, CBD for pets tablets offers the advantage of being very easy on the way ingestible.

The best CBD oil for dogs reviews – what can we recommend? 

CBD for pets CBD oil for pets and CBD for pets ointment benefits: сan be used correctly for the treatment of pain. It can be used for skincare and the treatment of skin problems. CBD for pets from transdermal CBD for pets CBD oil for pets is absorbed directly through the skin (providing similar benefits to transdermal CBD for pets spray). It can be easily transferred to a small container, making it easier to administer on the go.The dose can be determined very easily. The effect occurs very quickly because the CBD for pets liquid immediately enters the bloodstream via the blood. CBD treats for dogs – which ones are good?

Premium Organic CBD for pets Hemp

Premium Organic CBD for pets Hemp and Propolis Balm – especially useful with 400 mg CBD for pets content – Content 90 ml

CBD treats for dogs 1.0

The high-dose balm can be used according to experience particularly useful for the relief of the following symptoms: ACNE, itching, dry and cracked skin, tension, scar care, muscle and joint pain, psoriasis, eczema, allergies, stretch marks, abdominal pain.

CBD treats for pets mixed

Consists of purely natural and organic ingredients and is therefore particularly compatible with sensitive and irritated skin.

CBD chews for pets – they adore it 

If you only use the CBD for pets CBD oil for pets for skincare, then a minimum of 100 mg CBD for pets per 100 ml CBD for pets ointment is recommended. For systemic use, we recommend a minimum of 500 mg per 100 ml of CBD for pets CBD oil for pets where a higher dosage is usually better.

The best CBD chews for pets

The balm can be used preventively or for acute ailments, for external application apply the ointment to the affected area as needed and massage in for 1-2 minutes, for internal use take 1-2 teaspoons per day.

Content 90 ml – Made in Europe

 BALM with 3% CBD for pets

CBD for pets BALM with 3% CBD for pets – 30 ml, hemp-ointment with cold-pressed cannabis seed oil, high-quality and all-natural skin balm

CBD for pets

The Health + CBD for pets Balm, also known as CBD oil for pets, is a pleasant and soothing balm with the pure plant substance cannabidiol, combined with other natural oils and fats

CBD pills for pets – why are they so useful?

In addition, we advise against importing CBD oil for pets from outside the EU. At best, this will most likely lead to customs issues. In the worst case, you will buy a product that contains more than the permitted THC content, which can lead to even more significant problems.

 CBD pills for pets with health

With health +, you are always on the safe side. Our products are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards and without additives or fillers.

Hemps Pharma for pets

Hemps Pharma – CBD for pets Balsam Extra Strength. CBD oil for pets with CBD oil 800 mg.

CBD oil pills for pets with Cannabidiol

CBD oil pills for pets with Cannabidiol – Extra Strong (800 mg Cannabidiol) | Hemp product for the skin with the highest concentration of CBD for pets on the market.

Where to buy CBD oil for dogs?

We hope this article was useful. We also hope that we have been able to convince you of the benefits of CBD for pets and CBD for pets’ ointment and that you are trying out CBD for pets in the form of CBD for pets CBD oil on occasion. Our homeopathic CBD oil for pets with 3% CBD for pets is based on cold-pressed hemp seed oil and has no intoxicating effect, but sees itself as a natural care product. CBD oil for pets can be bought on the Internet; a considerable amount of them are presented on Amazon or in other online stores .

CBD oil application and dosage in pets

For the pets to get used to Cannabidiol, the percentage of entry should not exceed ten percent. Besides, the behavior and reactions of small predators are observed in the early days. Only then can overdoses be avoided. If the CBD oil is used as a dietary supplement, a small amount of oil is enough. To relieve acute or chronic symptoms may require a higher dose.

The dose should be adjusted to the bodyweight of the pets. However, it is always important to remember that even a small amount of CBD is adequate. The daily amount of CBD oil in these animals is two but not more than three drops per five kilograms of body weight. In severe diseases, however, the dosage can be increased. For example, the following quantities are recommended:

Twice a day, half a milligram per kilogram of body weight should be given to the ill animal in asthma or arthritis. For chronic effects or upper respiratory tract infections, the pets are given five milligrams per body weight twice a day.

If a bowel inflammation to be treated, then twice daily 0.2 milligrams per kilogram. Taking half a milligram of CBD twice a kilogram of body weight is necessary for seizures, such as epilepsy. If necessary, this dosage should be gradually increased to a maximum of three milligrams per kilogram. If there be an overdose by the administration of high doses of CBD oil, this is safe for the cat, but it could cause discomfort of the gastrointestinal tract, nausea, or vomiting. Drowsiness is also a symptom of this. In such cases, the administration of CBD oil should be continued only when the animal is free of complaints again. It is advisable to consult the vet of confidence before using CBD in critically ill animals.

Side effects and risks

If it should have come to an overdose, then this is the side effects drowsiness, vomiting or diarrhea, and temporary weakness to recognize. By minimizing the dose, these unpleasant side effects quickly disappear.

You should be careful with the administration of CBD oil in pregnant pets or pets who take other medicines in parallel. In these cases, a clarifying conversation with a veterinarian is an excellent way to rule out any problems, such as the negative influence on the functioning of the placenta.

Short conclusion & rating

Also, the CBD oil for supporting the health of pets is produced from the female utility plants. With a THC content of 0.2 percent and a high proportion of antipsychotic Cannabidiol, it can also be safely used for therapeutic purposes in these animals. However, it must not contain terpenes since, in pets, these substances are not broken down due to lack of liver enzymes and can lead to severe disorders or even death.

Since the metabolism in pets runs much faster than in other quadrupeds, the dosage is usually slightly higher. Properly used, CBD oil helps the animals in anxiety, panic attacks, epilepsy, but also in acute and chronic pain, even in cancer. However, the prerequisite is that it is high-quality oil. If the cat is treated with CBD oil, its behavior to avoid overdoses and to recognize the effect is monitored continuously. Visiting the veterinarian before starting treatment with CBD oil is advised. It is the only way to dispel any ambiguity and to ensure the right therapy.

The next question is: How do we choose a high-quality CBD for pets CBD oil for pets? As the number of providers grows each year, it’s easy to lose track. However, as the market is very new, we can only offer some general tips:

First of all, it is essential to choose a trustworthy company. Check to see if the manufacturer has a decent website with legal information such as imprint etc. Also, check that the manufacturer gives the exact amount of CBD for pets contained in the CBD for pets ointment. Avoid providers who do not provide information.