CBD American Shaman Review

CBD American Shaman has built its business on offering highly efficient CBD products. Today, this company supplies the market with the widest range of CBD products, which are of the highest quality. But how to understand if American Shaman CBD products are suitable for you personally?

That review will give a detailed answer to this and other questions. We will look at the entire line of products from CBD American Shaman so that you can decide on the use and form your own opinion about the quality of the product and service.

CBD American Shaman: Why Everyone Loves This Brand

The CBD American Shaman brand was created to convey the meaning of the benefits of CBD products to ordinary people to help every adult. Leading nutritionists and chemists were able to collect all the advantages of CBD to create the best products on the market ever created.

CBD American Shaman Product Line

Let’s look at the most popular products from American Shaman CBD.

CBD And Terpene Rich Hemp Candy

You can buy these candies with the taste of watermelon, mint, and blueberry. Each set includes 8 candies of 25 mg CBD each. It consists of concentrated hemp oil, corn syrup, and several flavors.

CBD Infused Gummies

These chewy candies come in a variety of fruit flavors. Each set includes 30 chewing candies of 10 mg CBD each. Use as a food supplement two chewing gum per day.

Hermit Cookies

Six cookies in each set contain 10 mg CBD. Eat one or two a day, and you can choose pecan, cowboy raisin, and chocolate flavor.

Water Soluble Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

One bottle contains 30 ml of hemp oil. Its bioavailability is 10 times higher than other CBD products. 100% organic and terpene. Oil can be added to any drink.

VG Cloud Tincture

That tincture rich in terpenes and can be consumed with food and drink or sublingually. That is not an isolate, but a full range of terpenes.

Hydrating Body Lotion

This lotion has a non-greasy structure and has super absorbent properties. Due to the content of a complete set of terpenes, the lotion revitalizes the skin and restores its structure, returning a delicate and elastic look.

Lip Revitalizer

Return the natural moisture to your lips, using a natural composition of hemp.

Hemp Oil Capsules

Each capsule contains 15 mg of terpene-rich hemp oil. Using capsules, you can easily calculate the dosage and always carry them with you. Besides, you will not feel the taste of hemp oil.

Canine CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

That series of tinctures is for pets, including cats, dogs, horses. You can mix the oil with food and direct the power of high-quality ingredients to improve the health of your pet.

Under-eye serum

Use this serum to improve the skin color around the eyes, remove wrinkles and puffiness. Also, use if there is saggy skin under the eyes. The serum can also be used under makeup using a rollerball.

Also, the list of products includes:

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil;
  • Hemp Oil Clearomizer;
  • Equine Ointment;
  • Hemp Oil Tincture;
  • Topical Serum;
  • Inhaler Battery;
  • Replenishing Face Cream.

CBD American Shaman Product Prices

The cost of all products of the brand is in the range from 10 to 110 dollars. All buyers can save by buying in bulk. You can also take advantage of discounts to save even more.

New Product Development

The company continues to replenish its range with new products. It is worth noting that each new CBD product undergoes thorough clinical trials. You can see the products on store shelves only after 100% certification.

That is a key factor in the growth of American Shaman CBD. The company sells products worth millions of dollars every month, and the brand’s products are available in unlimited quantities 24/7.

No matter what you buy, hemp oil or face cream, you can always count on the fact that the product will be in stock.

The list of products is impressive. Above you can find a complete list. If you want to maximize the benefit of CBD in various aspects of your life and health, then surely there will be a suitable product for you.

All presented goods undergo strict quality checks and are manufactured in the best factories with modern equipment. Therefore, the company is ready to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.


Now let’s look at the benefits you can get from using the American Shaman CBD products. We will consider a list of benefits not only products but also the service that the company provides. These moments made American Shaman as the top-tier CBD brand.

Best Quality and Complete Safety

That is the key advantage of CBD products from American Shaman. Each product consists of 100% selected organic ingredients. All CBD products are non-GMO. It provides the best quality in the market.

When it comes to your health, here CBD American Shaman is ready to provide the safest and most useful solutions. Trusting the brand, you get the maximum you need for your price.

A Huge Range of Products for Every Need

If you do not want to invest in products that are not related to the current state of your health, then CBD American Shaman will solve any of your problems. The company has worked well in order to meet any customer requests.

Topflight Ingredients

Purity is a key indicator of the quality of the product on the market today. Therefore, you should go along with the brand that puts this indicator at the head of its values. You do not need to pay attention to the brands that promise a panacea, but in fact, they can’t help.

Focus on CBD products from American Shaman. Only this company relies on purity and due to this, it maintains the reputation of an honest and trusted seller.

Substantial Customer Service

Customer service deserves special attention. That is one of the strategies that led the company to success in the CBD market. American Shaman has made a name by entering the top product’s market, working with customers, processing customer reviews, and also through lucrative wholesale and retail sales deals.

That level has remained consistently high for many years, so when the buyer approaches the purchase of CBD from American Shaman, the company does its job well.


American Shaman’s CBD products vary in terms of ingredients and consistency, but most of the ingredients are unchanged. Typical core composition:

  • Clinically Recommended CBD Amounts;
  • No Heavy Metals;
  • 100% CO2 Extract;
  • No Insecticides.

Here it is important to understand all the value that the 100% organic CBD contains. The brand name was made at the expense of purity and the absence of any impurities and harmful substances.

The company provides its products from raw materials obtained and processed in a legal way. That is very important for the final product and users, so people can always rely on what they buy in the American Shaman CBD catalog.

How to Take and Dosage

Each CBD product has its own set of ingredients. If you use oils, it is best to start with five drops a day, breaking the dose in half. Gradually, you can bring the reception to ten drops per day, also taking twice.

Where Can One Buy

We recommend buying American Shaman CBD products on their official website. There are collected the most current offers. In the catalog, you can choose the positions that are most suitable for you. You can also count on discounts in bundled deals.

CBD American Shaman Coupons

In this section, we will regularly update the information so that you can save on purchases. To save money now, use the following coupons:

  • take30off – for 30% Discount;
  • AMERICAN20 – for 20% Discount.

Follow the link below to try best deals.

Final Thoughts

As a result, we helped you find a company that is ready to offer first-class CBD products. These are safe products that work for a long list of diseases and have a long-lasting effect.

You can choose from a huge product catalog, saving virtually on every product.

CBD American Shaman Pros

  • CBD American Shaman Pros
  • CBD oil rich in a full range of terpenes;
  • wholesale and franchising for sellers;
  • shipment to all US states;
  • valid discount coupons;
  • side testing of all products for purity with the publishing the results on the site;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if the quality of the goods does not meet the expectations of the buyer.
  • a wide range of products, including products for animals;
  • compassionate care program gives you a stunning 30% discount.

CBD American Shaman Cons

  • no free shipping;
  • no international delivery;
  • CBD is not approved by the FDA.